Stay tuned. In January 2013 – cre8tivitylab will be online.

I’ve tried blogging before. They say “blog what you know”. I searched online and found blogs I liked and followed. I tried to get a sense of where there were gaps and what I might bring to the table. Then I tried blogging about photography, and I tried blogging about lighting and projection design. But I found that while doing those things inspires me, writing about doing them doesn’t. The thing that is at the center of all of my passions is creativity and I love thinking and talking about THAT. The other thing I realized was that, for me, the best blogs aren’t necessarily about the blog writer, they’re about the blog’s subjects.

cre8tivitylab will be a site about people who live a creative life. Most people interpret that to be drawing, or acting, or singing, painting, designing, dancing, directing, sculpting, writing – and people from those fields (and quite a few others) will all appear here; but it’s really about more than that – it’s about the creative spark, the urge, the desire, the passion. What drives artists to create? To contribute? To connect? To share?

Blocked? Check out the !NSPIRE section. !NSPIRE will feature articles that are meant to get your creative juices flowing again or to perhaps expose you to a different way of thinking.

Curious? Click over to intervYOU. I’m very excited about this section; featuring interviews with creatives from all walks of life, at various stages of their careers. Learn how they got started, what inspires them, how they implement their creativity and a lot more. These aren’t glossy press bios. These are in-depth interviews, allowing you to get a sense of the artist and what they’re about.

Overwhelmed? Check out DO. You can dream all you want, but at some point you have to get started. This section will feature articles about how artists manage their time and get their work done.

So please join me – I’m excited about this venture and can’t wait to share it with you.