!nsp!re – Go. Do. Create.

Back in November 2012, I did a brief series of posts on Facebook during the week of Thanksgiving. One of those posts in particular was the initial spark for this blog. I have revised some of it for this post:

Creativity, along with the ability to accessorize, is what separates us from animals…

I thought about making this post about “art” but decided to take a step back and go more with creativity. If you’ve never visited TED.com, you really owe it to yourself to do so. I recently posted a link to “Ken Robinson Schools Kill Creativity”. This is an 18 minute TED talk on the topic of creativity and how/why schools educate kids OUT of being creative. Ken Robinson contends that creativity is now as important in education as literacy and it should be treated with the same status. I agree completely.

I also agree with him that creativity is the process of “having original ideas that have value” and that it, “more often than not, comes through the interaction of different disciplinary ways of seeing things”. I believe that creativity is a gift; but the beautiful thing about it is that it’s a gift everyone receives. EVERYONE is creative in one form or another. People always confuse creativity with the ability to make art or music. “Well, I’m not very creative. I could never do anything like that.” I call bullshit on that argument.

You may be creative at solving logistical problems, or writing, or seeing problems with complex systems, or matching paint colors to furniture, or looking at financial issues in creative ways, or coming up with new ideas for ANYTHING. Creativity is everywhere and most people use it every day; whether they acknowledge it or not. I think it’s because most people refuse to characterize themselves as artists; again because of the connotation that they don’t paint, or play music, or write poetry, which is what “real artists” do.

Creativity comes in a multitude of forms but is unfortunately often confused with ability. For example, I have learned the skills necessary to paint; but I have no passion to create paintings. I know how to create story structure; but I have no desire to write stories. I am completely and totally in awe of dancers; because they can do things with their bodies that just confound my mind. I have rhythm but my brain is not creative in the way that it allows me to create some of the moves I’ve seen come out of dancers in my life. My creativity does not follow any of those paths. It’s the same with everyone.

And it’s up to everyone to find out where their creativity lies; feed it, indulge it, and listen to it. Let it tell you where to go.

In my work and in my hobby, I hear, “You’re so creative”, “What a creative idea”, “That’s a creative solution”. Hearing those things is wonderful because I’ve worked hard to curate a sense of the world around me and filter the work through it. But I’d be kidding myself to think I’m unique. We are ALL creative – at SOMETHING.

The gratitude you feel from creating something will fill you with light. I absolutely know this to be true.

So go. Do. Create.