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I came of age in the 80’s and have always had an affinity for the music of my youth. When I was younger, I really liked the music of the Eurythmics. After the Eurythmics ran their course, Annie Lennox left the band to perform as a solo singer. I really got into her music and am still a fan of her brilliantly crafted songwriting and her voice. Annie’s solo work plunges the depths and scales the heights; inspiring me in so many ways. For the last few years, though, Annie has concentrated less on music as she travels around the globe to speak about the issues that are close to her heart; which predominately involve women’s rights in developing countries and stopping the spread of HIV.


She was honored this week with an honorary doctorate degree from the Berklee College of Music and delivered an inspired, and inspiring, commencement speech. Below is the conclusion of her speech. These are simple, encouraging words to young artists everywhere, no matter what art you create.


“Consider this:
Wherever you think you’re heading right now might turn out to take a completely different route down a entirely different path.
And what looks like an ending might actually be the start of a brand new beginning.
Wherever, and however, we find ourselves, what a privilege it is to enrich our lives through music – the incredible universal language of the soul.
Enter into it wholeheartedly. Make it yours to share with the world in the very best way you can.”


You can read the commencement speech here.



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