!nsp!re – 12 Days of Cre8tivity: Lego Concert Rig

Day 4 of 12 Daily Posts

lego-concert-14-620x412Today’s post links to an article from one of my favorite blogs, “Jim On Light”. One of his pals, Mario Fabrio has created a concert lighting rig entirely of Legos. From the stage, to the PA, to lights and the audience, Mario has captured everything. I thought my Lego addiction was bad but it pales in comparison to what this man can do. I think this is a great example of someone asking themselves, “Hey, what if I…?” and using their creativity to engage in PLAY, which is extremely important.

As we grow up, “play” often transitions into physical play, or exercise. That’s fine because it keeps our bodies healthy; but it’s just as important to let your mind play as well. Again, as we get older, mental play might transition to Soduko, Words With Friends or similar games. Again, this is fine because it keeps you mentally engaged. What we stop doing after a certain point is playing like kids. Earlier this year, I realized my “play” had become very structured. I went and bought a bunch of Lego’s because I wanted to play like a kid again. I recommend doing something similar if you feel stuck – do something used to do when you were a kid: play on the swings, build a go-kart, have a pirate battle in the backyard. By freeing our mind from work and obligations, these seemingly childish activities stimulate our imaginations.

I hope you can carve out just a little time during the holidays to be 8 years old again.

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