!nsp!re – 12 Days of Cre8tivity: 11 Productivity Tips For Creatives

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This is a very cool post I want to share today. It comes from one of my favorite sites. Danielle Laporte is a Canadian entrepreneur, motivational speaker and blogger. She’s also a best-selling author, having written four books about various aspects of personal development. Prior to that, she was Executive Director of The Arlington Institute (a think tank in Washington D.C.).

These days, she primarily focuses on spreading what she believes to be “white hot truth” to audiences around the world through her speaking engagements, books, and the blogosphere.

In this post, she shares some thoughts on how creatives can focus and be productive. Productivity is something more often associated with task-based work and can be somewhat amorphous to measure in creative types. This list is a quick read, but contains some choice info nuggets. My three favorites are:

  • Approach everything as a creative opportunity. There is no separation between life and work. The same opportunities to express yourself or get great ideas are at the dinner table, in the stock exchange, and on the subway. Put yourself out there.
  • Obsession is essential. Know your art and your science. Immerse yourself in the cultures you love and work in: read industry news, the teachings of spiritual masters and successful entrepreneurs, listen to what the people you serve are longing for, asking for, and leaning toward.
  • Celebrate other people’s creativity and prosperity. Honoring other people’s creativity and success helps shake loose our own brilliance. Whether it’s a hot website, a terrific outfit on the street, or a well known author – go out of your way to say, “You’re great!” “Way to go!” “I love what you’ve created.”