GO DO – New Year, New (Out)Look

FB Banner 2014It’s tempting to go bold. To make a list of resolutions; things I will do better in 2014. The web is filled with columns about how to stick to your resolutions. Research shows, however, that most people break their resolve (lose weight, get organized, etc) fairly quickly and return to their old habits. Gym memberships practically rely on this as their business model.

In this very brief TED Talk, Google engineer Matt Cutts plays to that idea, though, by doing something different specifically for 30 days. It’s a great simple way to kick-start your thinking. By breaking your goal down into manageable 30-day increments, things can begin to seem more achievable. After the first 30 days, it becomes easier to say “yes” to another 30 days.

I started with a list of typical resolutions. As I gave it more thought, I backed away from the concrete. I decided to embrace the idea of resolution, the idea of change; not the specific goal-based task list. While it’s true that having firmly established goals will provide direction for you (and a way to measure progress), I realized the changes that I want to make are deeper; they speak to a greater need than just exercising and spending more time with my family.

These filters are intended to provide a gauge by which I can consider my options; and determine whether my actions are appropriate within the framework I’ve created. Because I think in “visual” terms, I created the graphic above as a roadmap. If an action or idea doesn’t relate to the four goals (Seek, Practice, Pursue, Embrace) then I need to take a moment to assess it’s true value. I’m looking forward to getting started.

These new filters join my permanent top three: GO. DO. CREATE.

On a separate note, cre8tivity lab celebrates its first anniversary online this month. 2014 brings a new style to the page – clean, minimal, and light; which is appropriate for a new year.

I hope your 2014 is full of awe, wonder, and joy.