!nsp!re – 12 Days of Cre8tivity: Shots of Awe

Post 12 of 12

The original idea behind the “12 days” posts is that they were supposed to happen 12 days in a row. Ah, well, maybe next year…

In any case, today’s share wraps up the series with some inspiration for the new year. It comes from Jason Silva.

Jason Silva
Jason Silva

Jason is a self-described “futurist, filmmaker, and epiphany addict”. Hailing from Venezuela, he moved to the U.S. to go to school, receiving a degree in film and philosophy from University of Miami. He hosted “Jason and Max” on Current TV for six years. He is a prolific speaker, spreading his brand of intellectual hedonism. He’s also the host of the National Geographic Channel’s Brain Games.

In May 2013, he debuted a YouTube channel called “Shots of Awe“. The channel features short videos with bold and intelligent content and was featured here on the Huffington Post back in May.

This clip is one of my favorites. I think what Jason has done is interesting. Having absorbed ideas and viewpoints from those who preceded him in his field (notably David Pearce),  he adds his own thoughts and observations, then presents them in a way that’s appealing to a wired generation.