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NOTA BENE Visual's "In Order To Control"
NOTA BENE Visual’s “In Order To Control”

I keep a long list of bookmarks in a creativity folder. These are stories or posts that I go back to every now and again for fresh inspiration. I love seeing what people create; and it inspires me to do even more.

Today’s share is from a story I bookmarked a couple years ago at My Modern Met. It’s an interactive typographic installation by NOTA BENE Visual titled “In Order To Control”. Spectators step into the installation to read the projected text content. The trippy part happens when their silhouette “covers” the words on the floor and transfers them to an adjacent wall.

What I love about this is the creative use of light and shadow, which work together to craft a different environment where the audience is encouraged to participate in shaping the art.

Read the full story here which features a video, allowing you to see the installation in action.

Learn more about NOTA BENE Visual here.