future cre8tors – “Creativity Becomes an Academic Discipline”


This week (Sep7-13, 2014) is Arts in Education week in California. In celebration of that, I’m sharing this article, written earlier this year for The New York Times by Laura Pappano.

In it, she covers students presenting projects for “Introduction To Creative Studies” taught by professor Cyndi Burnett.

While critical thinking has long been treasured by employers as a desirable trait, creativity has come into its own as well. An IBM study, conducted in 2010, of global CEO’s ranked creativity as the factor most crucial for success. Now, classes are beginning to pop up in the nations universities to inspire, nurture, and teach creativity.

Of course, everyone has different but similar definitions for “creative” and some of the things mentioned in the article may not fit, depending upon your worldview of what is (and is not) creative; but it’s a great read on how our educators are grappling with a changing landscape.

To learn more about Arts in Education Week, visit the California Arts Council.