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!nsp!re – BY DESIGN DAY

Today, Wednesday, April 24th, marks BY DESIGN DAY, an annual fundraising day for Behind The Scenes (in the U.S.) and Light Relief (in the U.K.).

These two organizations are dedicated solely to assisting entertainment technology professionals in need. Fundraising can be through a personal donation or through an organized collection. Many designers choose to support the cause by giving a days royalties or pay to one or both of these charities. BY DESIGN DAY is supported internationally with donations from designers with productions all over the world. To date, Light Relief has awarded more than 50,000 pounds in grants to help lighting professionals and their families, while Behind The Scenes has issued over $325,000 in grants to professionals working in all disciplines.

You can read more here.

If you’d like to give, you can make a donation, however small, here.

Every amount helps production professionals in need.