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!nsp!re – A Trip to the Getty

Several months ago, I had the pleasure of visiting the Getty Museum with friends. Oddly enough this was my first trip; and it certainly won’t be my last. A brisk winter day welcomed us with a cool breeze and slightly overcast skies. Sadly, it had rained earlier in the day and the gardens were closed so we concentrated our time indoors.

The Getty

We spent some time in an excellent exhibit entitled, “The Art of Alchemy”; a wonderfully curated space exploring alchemy and its relation to art and the everyday.

“The Microcosm and the Macrocosm”, Matthaus Merian the Elder, 1678

The Getty collection contains a number of stunning religious paintings, one of which I had never seen before – El Greco’s “Christ On The Cross”, an incredible, almost monochromatic take on the subject.

“Christ on the Cross” by El Greco, About 1600

I was really taken with a painting called “Entrance To The Jardin Turc” by French painter Louis-Leopold Boilly. Though my knowledge of French painters is fairly good, this one had escaped me. The light in this piece is what struck me.

“Entrance To The Jardin Turc” by Louis-Leopold Boilly, 1812

Another piece I was unfamiliar with was “Saint Sebastien Tended By An Angel” (Anthony Van Dyck). I love the use of umber and gray in this sketch for the painting.

“Saint Sebastian Tended by an Angel” by Anthony Van Dyck, About 1630

The museum was incredibly busy and it was great to see families and groups of friends enjoying the collections and learning about art, deepening their appreciation. I left inspired by new visuals; and am excited to return and explore even more.



!nsp!re – China Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival

Just a quick share of some images from the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival in China.

Ice Festival Harbin
Ice Festival at Night

Located in Harbin, China (which gets it’s weather from Siberia) the festival typically opens each January and runs for one month. Given how long the winters last, the sculptures generally stay up for a few months.

Ice Festival - Day
Ice Festival – Day

“Sculpture” is perhaps an understatement, given the size and scale of some of the structures. This is an enormous undertaking, clearly.

Ice Festival at Night
Ice Festival at Night

When the Songhua River freezes over, workers begin to carve out sections and transport them to the site. There, ice sculptors use a variety of saws, picks, and chisels to create these fantastical shapes.

Intricately Carved Figure

Some are smaller and delicate, like the one pictured above. Others are gargantuan, like this one:

Ice Festival

Sculptures and structures of all shapes and sizes dot the landscape, all internally lit, emitting an ephemeral glow at night.

Ice Festival and Lights

I’m fascinated by both the artistry and the effort. This not only takes a massive amount of creativity but  a herculean effort to build all of this.

Ice Festival at Night

Ice Festival at Night
Ice Festival at Night

To see more images and learn more about the festival, visit their official site here.